Some Thoughts On The 2017 New York Jets’ Draft
I do not watch college football regularly, I have not studied tape or scouting reports on 90% of the players in the draft, and I do not claim to know much about this whole process. With all that said, the current Jets regime is now in year three of their rebuild, and still have a bottom three roster in the NFL. We as (Jet) fans have earned the right to be skeptical, so every pick they made over the last few days doesn’t deserve unanimous praise. And now, some analysis from someone who may be wrong about everything:

Pick 6 – Jamal Adams (Safety, LSU) – Adams is good, let’s not overthink it. He’s extremely versatile and he’ll probably be an instant impact guy and at the minimum a good starter for years to come.

Pick 39 – Marcus Maye (Safety, Florida) – Similar to the above. Both dudes are flexible enough to play all over the secondary (scheme fit may be questionable though). My problem with this pick is more of doubling down on the safety position despite the rest of the roster makeup (or lack thereof).

Pick 70 – First trade back – moved back 9 slots and only got a 5th in return. According to the Drafttek Trade Value Chart, moving back to 79 could have netted the Jets pick 127. They received 160  instead. Not great.

Pick 79 – ArDarius Stewart (WR, Alabama) – Old wide receiver (will turn 24 during his rookie season) who doesn’t excel at any one particular thing. They already have some youth at the position with Enunwa, Anderson, and Peake. Don’t know what their intentions are for Stewart, but once again they failed to address need at a valuable slot (and yes I realize they knew Devin Smith was out for the season, but wouldn’t Chris Godwin have made way more sense here?) Anyway, below is an interesting thought, don’t know if it was worth a third round pick though.

Pick 107 (last pick in the third round) – traded for a 4th rounder (125) and got a 6th (204) in return.  Moving from 107 to 125 is worth pick 145 according to Drafttek. Another bad return in terms of value.

Pick 125 – Another trade. In exchange the Jets received picks 141 and 197. Better.

Pick 141 – Chad Hansen (WR, Cal) – Actually looks like a good pick, I think he fell because he’s white and didn’t really break out until his senior season, but he makes some impressive catches and fits the Decker mold of handsomeness and could be a potential deep threat. Only problem with this pick is the Jets  just spent their 3rd round pick on a receiver when CB, Edge, TE, OT, and RB still remain pressing needs. Gifs below.

Pick 150 – Jordan Leggett (TE, Clemson) – Finally addressed the tight end position, a lot of people had a 3rd round grade on him so this is probably good value. Would have rather had the Iowa TE (better blocker), but still pleased.

Pick 160 – Love those trades! Along with pick 224, this was traded for picks 181 and 188. More picks the better I suppose.

Pick 181 – Dylan Donahue (OLB, West Georgia) – A 25 year old OLB from a D2 school. Really? He better be a Special Teams Ace.

Pick 188 – Elijah McGuire (RB, Louisiana-Lafayette) – A smaller running back with athletic upside as a receiver out of the backfield or in the return game. I approve.

Pick 191 (6th round) – Traded to Dallas for a 2018 5th round pick. Did Maccagnan just win a trade?

Pick 197 – Jeremy Clark (CB, Michigan) – Big corner who was probably going much higher if he didn’t tear his ACL during his senior year (he’s 6’3 and ran a 4.43 40 yard dash). I like the calculated risk here.

Pick 204 – Derrick Jones (CB, Mississippi) – Another big corner who’s an athletic freak (originally a receiver turned corner). Sure, why not?

Other thoughts: The Jets were testing the markets of Sheldon Richardson and Calvin Pryor prior to the draft, and yielded nothing. We’ll never know what the market was like for those two, but this hurts the Jets’ draft grade in my opinion.

Day 1 Grade: B+: Adams pick was a good pick, but considering how terrible the roster is, I have to wonder if an offer to trade back (and accumulate more picks) was on the table. If so, then they should have taken the offer. At least 10 trades took place during the first and second round of this draft, I would have liked to see the Jets take part in at least one.

Day 2 Grade: C-: I think Maye was also a good pick, but once again, another potential missed opportunity to trade back and get some more mid-round value (and they once again ignored several other premium positions of need). My grade is more based on drafting an older receiver who has a questionable NFL-fit in the third round, and then losing two trade-backs in terms of value.

Day 3 Grade: A-: I liked the Hansen pick, but it was frustrating to see them only draft receiver and safety in the first four rounds. Donahue pick seemed like a throwaway, but it was one of several 6th rounders (and they netted a future fifth as well). I was pleased with all of the other late round picks.

Overall grade: B-. The first two Maccagnan drafts have resulted in Leonard Williams and a bunch of question marks. It has been anything but positive under this current regime, but I am hoping this draft is the first step in the right direction. However, the Jets remain the Jets, so don’t get your hopes up.


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